LA: Where I went and What I did

Today is going to be a simple travel post. I have a lot of deep posts in the pipeline at the moment but I want this blog to be a good mix of tough stuff and fun light posts. As I promised in my first post this blog is definitely not all about cancer! Cancer is a part of my life but so is traveling and eating good food and dressing cute. This is the travel portion of my LA post. Stay tuned and subscribe for LA food and outfit posts.

Where I went:

I arrived in LA a day early, thanks to Hurricane Harvey, so on Saturday morning we got up and walked around the campus of The University of California Los Angeles. UCLA’s campus is beautiful. I particularly enjoyed the sculpture garden and the wonderful nature that is around the campus.

Me in a tree. Location: UCLA
Location UCA
Interesting trees and architecture mark the UCLA campus. Location: UCLA
Rose Bushes in front of a building on campus. Location: UCLA

Later that day we set off for Malibu. Where we sat under Nobu Malibu and enjoyed their view while still being poor. Malibu was my favorite beach I visited in LA because it was so peaceful. Things were quiet so you could just enjoy the sounds of the waves and the sea breeze.

Location: Malibu, California

The next day we went to a church plant that my friend attends, then spent our afternoon in Santa Monica. I liked the pier, and the beach was nice but it was so crowded. If that is your scene then Santa Monica is for you. If not I suggest driving a few miles north on the Pacific Coast Highways. The pier though is fun and worth visiting.

Under the Pier in Santa Monica
Under the pier in Santa Monica. No filter. Location: Santa Monica Pier, California
Channelling Baywatch in Santa Monica. Location: Santa Monica, California

At the end of the night, we watched the sunset. Despite the hordes of people around us it was impossible not to find yourself filled with a bit of wonder at the beauty of the west coast

Location: Santa Monica, California
Until the sun comes up (or in this case goes down) over Santa Monica Boulevard. Location: Santa Monica, California.
The spots I was seeing after this were totally worth it. Location: Santa Monica, California.

When I returned to Santa Monica for a morning surf lesson it was slightly quieter. I enjoyed getting to actually plunge into the cold waters of the Pacific, thanks to the wetsuit. My surf instructor Matthew was excellent and I would highly recommend the Santa Monica Surfing School.

Inside the Surf Van. Location: Santa Monica, California
Me with my surf board. Not looking cute but definitely feeling accomplished. Location: Santa Monica, California
Surf van lifestyle. Location: Santa Monica, California

After my Surf lesson, I rented a bike from Perry’s Cafe and Beach Rentals. From my spot in Santa Monica, I biked down to Venice Beach. The ride wasn’t long but it was scenic, and the breeze made for a wonderful experience. If you are going to do this though I recommend sunscreen. I kinda failed on that one and am still paying for it as I type this.

Perry’s Cafe and Beach Rentals. Location Santa Monica, California.
My bike. Location: Santa Monica, California

When I got to Venice I stopped a few times to take in the sights. The skate park is like a free show that you can just stop and enjoy for a few minutes.

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset
Among the skater community, it seems that pant sagging is coming back. Location: Venice Beach, California
The talent of many of the skateboarders at Venice Beach was a sight to behold. Location: Venice Beach, California

Venice also had a Snapchat Spectacles store. As a certified basic girl, I had to stop of course. I definitely loved the spectacles but the price tag was a little hefty for me so I sadly had to pass on them.

The Spectacles vending machine. It is kinda adorable. Location: Venice Beach, California
The Snapchat Spectacles store front with a guest appearance by my rental bike. Location: Venice Beach California

After my stops in Venice, I biked back to Santa Monica Pier to get a bite to eat then turned in my rental bike and went back to my friend’s apartment for a very needed shower.

The next day I was determined to see some art. I discovered that UCLA’s art museum, The Hammer was within walking distance so I set out unsure of what to expect. When I got there I was pleasantly surprised. The atmosphere of the courtyard was an open aired, peaceful, urban oasis. It also contained the coolest chairs I have ever seen (this video isn’t mine but it shows what I am talking about). The architecture of the building was stunning. Unfortunately, they were setting up several new installations so much of the museum was closed. The permanent collection was open though and was amazing.

My favorite painting here. Van Gogh’s Hospital at Saint-Remy
Interiors at The Hammer. Location: Westwood, California
Claude Monet’s View of Bordighera. Location: Westwood, California
Window at The Hammer. Location: Westwood, California
Entry artwork by the Japanese artist Tabaimo. Location: Westwood, California
Entry artwork by Japanese artist Tabaimo. Location: Westwood, California
The Hammer Museum. Location: Westwood, California
The coolest rocking chairs ever. They spin around and are so much fun. I sat in one for 30 minutes just rocking and spinning. Location: Westwood, California

After leaving the museum, I decided to walk to the nearby botanical gardens.  The Mildred E Mathias Botanical Garden was a nice place to stroll through or to relax out in nature.

Flowers at the botanical garden. Location: Westwood, California
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Flowers at the botanical garden. Location: Westwood, California
Flowers at the botanical garden. Location: Westwood, California
Walking path at the botanical garden. Location: Westwood, California

After going to the botanical garden my friend and I went to dinner and then I had a 5:20 AM flight to catch the next morning back to Houston.

With love,




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