Self Care: Cleaning Up My Room Before and After

Hey guys,

I’m actually back, with another post! I’m feeling better and want to recommit to this blog. This time, however, I decided to do a vlog instead.

As some of you may know when a person has depression they can struggle with motivation and general self-care. Sometimes this causes them to be unhygienic, sometimes it causes them to miss work or class, and sometimes it causes them to be very messy. I am in the missing class and messy crew.

The areas that become neglected also begin to contribute to the depression as they reinforce the negative self-talk a depressed person is dealing with. Solving these issues alongside the depression can help with recovery.

That said, one of the reasons I have been feeling better is because I have cleaned my room complete with the help of Elizabeth, a professional organizer. She is wonderful and her website is here if you are in the North Houston area and need help decluttering. I sincerely hope your mess isn’t as bad as mine though!

The few close friends who I’ve allowed to see my room over the years have always been horrified. If you are one of those people then please enjoy this video and don’t die of shock that it finally happened.

Anyway, this post is really embarrassing because in addition to the messy room I am also super awkward. Feel free to cringe and leave mean comments if you want.

In the words of Jeb Bush “Please Clap”



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