Hi, I’m Paige. I’m twenty-two, a cancer survivor, a fashion lover, a traveler, a mental health advocate, a football fanatic,, a foodie, a Texan, and a secret NASCAR fan. This blog is scatterbrained like me. There isn’t one consistent theme. Here I want to recognize all the strong people that don’t live in a vacuum. Here I want to build a community that is honest, in sharing about the battles we are fighting and the hardships we have overcome but also a community that allows itself to indulge in fun, even the frivolous kind. Sometimes the topics on this blog will be heavy, at times I will play with creative writing, other times I will just post with an OOTD or blog a fun trip I took. We are all fighting, battles that are seen and unseen but we also need to have fun sometimes, Here I hope you can find a blog that is honest, with heart, but also with humor and fun. Please feel free to reach out to me and share your personal struggles or your vacation plans, we can talk about what you’d like. I want to get to know each of you and have fun building a community here together. I’m here for my survivor babes, my wandering babes, my fashionista babes, my funny babes, my scatterbrained babes, my foodie babes, and my babes who don’t have it all figured out yet. My life isn’t perfect, although I will admit I’ve fallen into the trap of trying to portray it that way on Instagram at times. Life is messy though and while we can rejoice in our grammable moments, I also want to embrace the ugly dark struggles too. Hopefully, you can find a niche here as I pour out my heart and my ever changing passions with you. And I hope you will share with me too! Feel free to leave comments or DM with any topic you’d like to discuss. Also, connect with me on Instagram at a_Paige_of_his_Tori

Much love,