I Hate Victoria’s Secret

I hate Victoria’s Secret.

This hatred is quite new actually. Until just a few short weeks ago it was my sole destination for lingerie, and most of my workout clothes and swimsuits.

That is until I went to Nordstrom.

My sister needed to buy a slip for a dress so we went up to the lingerie department. Noticing all the beautiful bra’s and different brands I decided to look around. Eventually I asked a Nordstrom employee for help.

I had literally never bought a bra from anywhere but Victoria’s Secret/Pink since outgrowing training bras. 

The helpful Nordstrom worker directed me to the fitting room where she measured my size. When she brought back her picks for me I was shocked.

According to her I am a 30C!

Ya’ll I have literally been wearing the wrong bra size for years (if not my entire life).

At VS/Pink I was always told I was a 32A or to try a 32B if the bra wasn’t made in A cup. This made sense to me because I am so small. Naturally it seemed I would be the smallest cup and band size in their store.

Never mind that my bra straps were constantly falling down or that some of my bras had weird gaps or that 90% of my bras were uncomfortable. I believed this was just the way bras were. If you are part of the itty-bitty-titty-commitee then you just grab the smallest bra in VS, buy, and go.

Unfortunately I had a fundamental misunderstanding of how bra sizing works. To me (and most of society it seems) A cup bras are for tiny boobs and DD is for big boobs. Being petite A seemed right for me.

What I never realized was that cup size was in proportion to band size. It isn’t that A is small and D is big. It is about how big your boobs are relative to your body size. So for me even though I have “tiny boob” proportionate to my body they are C’s (maybe even D’s if I go down to a 28 which she told me was possible)

I’m not alone in this however. Some studies have put the number of women wearing the wrong bra size at as high as 80%. If you want to read more on this here is a link.

Honestly this information was life changing. As I was trying on bras in the fitting room I was shocked at how different they felt from my bras at home or even the bra I had worn into the store. I ended up buying a bra from the brand OnGossmer and ordering one from Natori.

(The Natori bra is on the Nordstrom Anniversary sale btw)


I have been wearing the bra from OnGossamer everyday since I got it. I am honestly in love with it. When I try to go back to my old Victoria’s Secret bras I am so uncomfortable I just can’t do it. I may just end up tossing them out (or donating them if you can donate bras). Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at 11.28.26 PM

My biggest beef with Victoria’s Secret is not that they don’t carry my size actually. It is that in years of shopping there none of their employees ever told me that they don’t. They just continued to put me into poor fitting bras and sent me on my way. 

Like a lot of young girls I think I just believed that Victoria’s Secret is where you buy bras. It seems almost culturally conditioned in us. I will say L brands has amazing marketing. They make you feel like they are the only choice. 

But ladies that is not true!!!

There are so many amazing bra makers out there. Ones that carry more band sizes and cup sizes to fit women of ALL sizes! I am just now discovering them but I am so freaking excited!

I have seriously been telling all my friends about this new discovery. If it wasn’t totally inappropriate I would run around flashing everyone on the street to show them my new bra. 

Since it is inappropriate however I will refrain. Instead I will just shout to the world via the internet about how happy my boobs are and hope that I can help share the joy of a properly fitting bra with others.

Lots of love,

Paige (and her much happier boobs)